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Algunos dicen que amamos las startups, otros nos gritan como desarrolladores web, pocos nos elogian como agencia digital, mientras que algunos sugieren griegos tecnológicos.


Errores comunes que se deben evitar al desarrollar un sitio de comercio electrónico

Errores comunes que se deben evitar al desarrollar un sitio de comercio electrónico Developing an E-commerce site is the first step to enter into this large world of e-commerce or online business. To put it in very simple terms, its importance lies in the fact that an e-commerce site acts as a portal that mediates between a seller and a buyer. Having said that, what’s of utmost importance is the way we put out our website. No matter what we think, first impression is a very crucial aspect of everything. All those who are into any sort of business must be well aware of the concept of "Jo Dikhta Hai, Wo Bikta Hai' which reflects upon the importance of the first impression.

Si no nos equivocamos, debe estar preguntándose por qué estamos enfatizando tanto en esto. 'primera impresión' right? While making a move towards E-commerce, many people make some mistakes that just turn their efforts into futility. But you certainly don’t need to worry as iBrandox, the best E-commerce designing company in Gurgaon is here to help you out. We will mark out some common mistakes that you should avoid while developing an E-commerce site. Here we go;

Make the Right Choice of Your Host- Picking the right Host is the most essential process while developing an E-commerce website. However, several hosts can be availed free of cost which might attract you because of the cheapness factor. However, as your web-designing friend, we would advise you not to go for them. Remember one thing, to save a little amount of money here; you might end up getting smaller benefits in the future. Hence, if you want to gain well in the future, you need to spend well in the initial stage. Also, you need to think of many things before purchasing a host. These include- whether it provides 24x7 support lines or not if it is flexible enough with different languages, and many more such things are required to be taken into consideration. In a nutshell, well-done research is a pre-requisite to choosing the right host.

Building a well-laid Marketing and business Strategy before your site- It is a must-have and should be kept as a priority before setting up your E-commerce site. Why? Don’t you think it would be silly to assume that setting up an e-commerce site is the only thing to do and that your stuff will be able to sell itself on its own? Treat your website as your kid and nurture it well like you take care of your kid. It needs a proper marketing strategy to reach people. Having an amazing marketing and business strategy beforehand is the key to growing your business.

Elija su diseño y diseño sabiamente- No one likes a portal that is over-filled up or has too much stuff on it. The perfect and attractive online store has a clean layout and a user-friendly design. Pick your fonts and imagery very wisely, the ones which go compatible with the product or the service you are putting out.

Less Content Speaks More- Do you think people have enough time to go through all the essays that you write on your site? It is advisable not to bombard your site with flowery language and forced lengthy content. No one likes to read lengthy stuff. Keep your content short, easy to understand, and to the point. Easy language is very important if you are catering to a large number of people.

No se olvide de presentar la información detallada de su producto. Isn’t it one of the most important aspects of an E-commerce site? If you are on your way to having your E-commerce site, don’t forget to provide information about your product which includes its kind, size, weight, or any sort of information that is relevant to your product or service.

Proporcione su información de contacto correctamente- In any business, it’s very important to make yourself reachable. Until you do that, your business can’t grow. While you are developing your site, do not miss out on putting out your contact details adequately. The best options to provide your contact details are to put them into the header, the top of the sidebar, or in your footer. These are the most accessible points from where you can be easily reached.

Opciones de pago fáciles- It’s one of the things that you should always keep in your head. You should always keep all those payment options that are convenient to the buyer and easy to use. While developing your site, especially this feature, put yourself as a buyer instead of a seller. Think of what suits you more while purchasing something online and use those things. This is the only key to being successful in this business.

Include all sorts of Costs- These days when most companies come up with some or the other sort of hidden charges, you should seek it as an opportunity and make sure you don’t repeat the same. Be crystal clear to your customers because this is something people look for. Make sure you add all sorts of costs on your page, including taxes and shipping charges so that people don’t feel betrayed in the future. This is something which will attract them back to you.

Are you also on your way to building your E-commerce site to be a successful entrepreneur? We hope these steps have helped and if not, you know where to go, right? You don’t? You just need to take up your phone, dial the number of iBrandox, the best E-commerce development company, and fix your meeting over chai and your way to your dreamy success will become much easier and more realistic.

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